Thursday, 20 August 2009

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

A Good Sign!

Markham, Ontario

It's an established practice of mine to arrange for the driver of the evening to pick me up on route to the program for the night. Tonight’s' venue was in Markham at the home of a god brother, Subha Vilas. I am not the waiting kind of person so I recommend the driver to spot me down the road. So I headed northbound on Yonge St on the shady side of the street. The weather tends to be like an oven these days.

At the crossroads near Eglinton I'm visible enough to be seen by anyone. Who but spots me is another dear friend, god brother and former assistant to our guru, Srila Prabhupada. His name is Thakur Haridar and in '73 in London he shared some personal time with our spiritual master. Thakur is a Jewish Canadian born person who speaks most enthusiastically about his life as a monk back in the seventies. He occasionally visits our temple and has a chance to poke around. He made a remark about his findings.

"What an impressive bunch of young people you have!" referring to our very active in their twenties folks.

When I did get picked up 8km from my starting point the van was mainly occupied with young persons of that age bracket. When we arrived, to greet us in Markham was the family hosting us with three youngsters. In the background, the evening's stage arrangement and well organized outdoor seating beckoned forward more guests; the young, the old and in the middle. What a well rounded community it is in terms of age. It's a good sign.

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