Thursday, 6 August 2009

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Walking Is Relaxing

Toronto, Ontario

Jack was sitting on a park bench when I passed by him. “Can I ask you a question?’ He said before I could get too far away. I turned around and said, “of course.”

Jack was facing east looking at the sky opening up for the day. “Now I just saw a twinkling star. That must be Venus. And then you walked by. Now I don’t take anything as co-incidence.”

From there we entered into more dialogue until I left on the note of inviting him to our ashram for breakfast at 8:30 am. He agreed to come. And so he did come.

Jack is a free-lance journalist who likes to explore new territory which explains his curiosity with higher consciousness. After he spent some time with two of our committed members he was convinced about non-violence. On the spot he made a vow to be a vegetarian from that point on.

Part two of my walking affairs for the day lead me through green forest trails with my associate from Australia, Cameron. As we embarked on what was going to be a 15 kilometer hike a woman on her front lawn just missed us by inches with her water hose. She was apologetic but joked, “I almost gave you a baptism’. We laughed. And so the balance of the day was relaxed.

To reiterate my point more clearly WALKING IS RELAXING.

Cameron and I put on extra distance to the tune of 22 km. En route was a well-established cemetery. It was expansive enough. We got lost. Cameron was concerned that we find an exit before sun down and with a little prayer we managed to get back onto our track and back to the ashram.

24 Km

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