Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Grass and Joy!

Vancouver, British Columbia

British Columbia has been unseasonably hot. The grass is parched. Some say the province is encountering a drought.

Well it appears the desert dynamic is over. With the procession of Jagannatha, the Festival of Chariots, organized by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, the rains came. A serious downpour of the wet stuff hadn't been seen in quite some time. People peeked out of their balconies to find out what music would be playing outside as the procession moved horizontally while rain moved vertically. Three colourful chariots hit Beach Avenue for a three kilometer run to destination Stanley Park.

Then the sun broke loose. So did grassroots kirtana (chanting), djembes, mrdangas, and people dancing. A crowd swelled around the performers who ended up being anyone or everyone...whoever was caught up in the exotic sound. The excitement peaked and then ended when I was asked to introduce the stage's drama. From then on, it was a sociable time meeting people, hearing about their future dreams, sweet exchanges, counselling, and offering thanks and congratulations.

Finally, as the height of the day moved toward evening, it was time to slip in for hearing a mini concert by a group of talented youth, as they played their reggae/rock with devotional themes.

At wind down time, I decided to walk off the pleasant convergence of people, and have time to myself and the names of deliverance. My feet carried me along English Bay, and the sea wall path, to Science World, Main Street, Kingsway Avenue, and then to home.

Just to check that I was doing well with directions, it's always interesting to get different instructions as to where the next turn would be. I had to ask as I don't know my way well enough.

Life is much like that. We look for directions and when a strong consensus occurs then you know you're on the right track.

It was a good day. The grass is greener.

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