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Some Words


In the delivery of two classes that I gave today several words came up in the reading from Bhagavatam and Gita purports—words that you could say stand out as significant. For instance, such words as “doubt, fear, faith, knowledge, happiness and peace.” They were repeated throughout a series of verses, especially in chapter 4 from the Gita and so, naturally, they need addressing.


My comments then, when I spoke, and now, as I write about these words, begin with perceiving them as belonging to the same family. They keep each other alive. Just as “doubt,” while having negative connotations and being a sign of some intelligence, can be slashed by the sharp weapon of knowledge. Both are reactionary. They can’t be perceived as opposites that keep each other alive.


While “fear” is something we would rather not be haunted by, it does act as a defense mechanism to keep us out of trouble; safe and happy. The words “peace” and “happiness” are practically synonyms. “How can there be happiness without peace?”


Faith is a quality in an individual that suggest a deep trust. This trust, when supported by knowledge, truly enhances faith. Knowledge, in and of itself, when applied, tends to bring about a happier state of life.


The above words mentioned, although bearing powerful meaning when they stand alone, still contemplate and/or support each other. It is always good to read and analyze.


May the Source be with you!

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