Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Yorkville, Toronto


Bless and Bliss


As in the night before when Driti, Murli Manohara and the girls came to eat prasadam, blessed food, in Govinda's, another clan, the Patel’s, came to honour and eat. I was lucky to sit near them and chat. Nimai was with them. He and I have done a number of strolls together during the pandemic. The summer, that just passed, was a hot one and it somewhat restricted my choice of walking companions. I had to wait till the sun was just about to dissolve beyond the horizon before starting to walk.


Tonight was good. A bit of drizzle. Who minds? Especially when your day is spent indoors. I was in a kind of bliss having tackled four classes by Zoom. Cleveland, Scarborough, Edmonton and Hamilton were on the list today. I get a real charge from the feedback—the questions and comments. In this way some form of sangha, or gathering, takes place. I also met a nice couple on the walk.


Pilgrims, congregants and more came to visit the temple’s side of the building. One young man, who moved here from Delhi, was very excited to meet me. I’m known for staging plays of a spiritual nature and this chap had watched some of those productions. Vallabha is his name and he says he’s an anchor-man on TV.


The day was good. The night was good. And the in between, the dawn and dusk, also registered well, despite sporadic rain on the cold side. I feel blessed. Where there’s bless, there’s bliss.


May the Source be with you!

4 km


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