Friday, 9 October 2020

Monday, October 5, 2020

Yorkville, Brickworks


Birthday Bliss


Birthday wishes came flooding in. Thank you all, from across Canada, Africa, India, Florida and, of course, South America. It’s nice to know I have a big family that cares. I’m 68.


For starters our Monday group comprised of cousin Correy, Eric and Victor. A cake came to the Yorkville Mall, complements of the group. We come together to talk of Christ, Krishna, Mohammed as well as humanity and of how the world is in a tussle. The serviette for the cake bore the image of a fall landscape print, by Tom Thomson.


Another cake, a virtual one, came my way from our Vancouver community, after I delivered a talk on the saint Rantideva. A generous man he was. It was a 48 day fast for him. At breakfast time, one by one, people came to his door for food. He felt obliged to provide for them, before he himself took a bite. Renounced, I’d say.


At 3 pm I conducted a walk with enthusiasts at the Evergreen Brickworks. I asked one of the girls what was the highlight. “Goldfish.” she said. One of the boys remarked, “The beaver, for sure.” Birthdays for me mean outing. The scenery at the Brickworks resembled a Tom Thomson paining.


Finally, devotees offered kind words in the evening setting at the temple—words from around the world. Thank you. Again there was food. At noon I had lunch with Dave Bannerman, our electrician. He’s a nice guy, and he brought Dutch cheese, being a Dutchman himself. The cakes in the evening were not virtual. One looked just like an autumn rendering by Tom Thomson, with a maple tree on it, made of sweet stuff.


Maybe Source be with you!

6 km


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