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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Varadero, Cuba

At the Edge of Cuba

It was some seven years ago, or so, that I sat on the grass outside our resort, called Memories, teaching the verse from Chapter Nine of the Bhagavad-gita.  Actually it was a memorization of raja vidya regarding the potent message of the Gita itself being the “king of knowledge” and the secret of all secrets.  When assimilated and put into practice, or into the world of action, it is joyfully performed.

The group, my students, memorized it well.  They rolled their Rs very well and found the Sanskrit language to be very mystical.  Pronunciation was just tops.

Since it is the day to celebrate Gita Jayanti, the anniversary of when the sacred dialogue between Arjuna and Krishna was spoken, I reflected on the event of five millennia ago.  Temples around the world call on congregants to come together and recite, in union, the seven hundred verses that contain actual secrets to life’s success.

Hayagriva and I honoured the Gita’s descent to the world at the Atlantic shore in Cuba.  We came to a volcanic cliff edge and sat/stood in meditation on the ocean’s might and how it is indeed one of Krishna’s opulences.  The ocean, its waves, and power of current, opened up our chakras of thought.  It brought to mind Chapter Ten, which highlights nature’s prominence in this world.  We also swam in the welcoming waters.  Both of us have been on a marathon of bhakti and felt that the swim and the sun was a way to oil our machines—bodies—and prepare for a helluva hectic week, teaching the Gita’s wisdom.

May the Source be with you!

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