Sunday, 3 December 2017

Monday, November 27th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

A PM Trek

“Let’s take to walking to or through the Brickworks,” I suggested to Marshall and Mahaprabhu.  This is a section of the city I’ve mentioned before as my place of training.  Training is actually an awkward word to describe walking, because it comes natural to all of us.  It’s the endurance part of it, the marathon scope, which requires some mind over matter dynamics and qualifies this motion as some form of training.

Our trek to the ravine which led us to the old brick factory off of Bayview became a two hour pleasant endeavor.  It was actually a pleasure in the 4° C weather with sun upon us which made it a treat.  To confirm, at the onset, a stenciled message painted on the sidewalk read, “Be Kind to Yourself.”

Okay, we are, because merely by walking you are kind to yourself.  When we say ‘self’ we should refer to the whole being—body, mind, intellect and soul.  Ultimately the soul is the real ‘me’.  The body is a layer that you shed.  You, the soul, continue a journey at death.

The three of us became embodied by the tan-roofed warehouse at the Brickworks.  We approached the old edifice, as it was part of our route; we entered it, walked through and came out before reaching the ponds or wetlands.  In this way, we go through life entering bodies, make a temporary stay and then exit.

After the second hour, we arrived back from where we departed at 243 Avenue Road, the ISKCON Temple.

May the Source be with you!

10 km

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