Thursday, 14 December 2017

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Good Day in Winterpeg

Daruka was my support person for one and a half trips across Canada, ending in 2014.  Along with his blue-front Amazon parrot, we appeared to conquer a good chunk of this planet simply by trekking along over diverse terrain and meeting people, many of whom finish each sentence with “eh.”

This afternoon was a little reunion for the three of us at Daruka’s loft apartment in the neighbourhood.  Daruka found himself in three major accidents—none being his fault—beginning at our departure in 2014.  His mother remarked, “You never had these problems with the Swami.”  Daruka is fortunate to be alive.  And alive he is, with a full beard and moustache.

Walking in Winnipeg was unfavourable outside with weather being what it is.  My host, Visvambhara suggested the newly opened Dakota Fieldhouse, a privately owned community workout facility.  We walked in and met the fellow at the desk.

“It’s $30.00 for a monthly membership.  For a drop-in, it’s $5.00!”

“I just wanted to walk on your running track.  I’m a monk.  Here for two days.  Have walked Canada four times and the U.S. just this summer…”

“Wow, well you don’t have to pay anything.  Here’s your entry wrist band.  Have a great walk.”

So, I did, and what a fine track we are looking at.  Thank God for such community centres.  With my Kyboots on I felt like flying.  I only had to worry about keeping an eye on figures—the time.

Incidentally, I recall reading that overhead banner at the Thunder Bay Airport before coming here.  What was being promoted I couldn’t understand but it read, “A beaver can take down a tree in 20 minutes!”  Incredible figure!

May the Source be with you!

7 km

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