Thursday, 14 December 2017

Monday, December 11th, 2017

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Taking Pictures

Today I became practically housebound, perhaps not by choice. I remained in the home of host, Prem Kishor, and did some quality pacing in his basement. Through the windows I could see those beautiful flakes of snow descending. “Flakes” is a word appropriate for nature. When applied to a human, it is somewhat derogatory.

I was hoping to capture with my phone camera some imagery like on all other days, but being inward-bound I was limited. The weather turned to swirly snow and I wasn’t so well prepared –footwear-wise.

Only in the evening, for the 7:00 p.m. arati at the Vedic Culture Centre on Victoria, did I get the chance to get out and view more interesting images. Before I began giving a Gita class—broadcast online—my eyes caught the image of the mrdanga drum, I had just sat in place. I had to snap an image of that, finding the instrument to be all-attractive. The additional features of the text, The Gita, and a pair of kartals—hand cymbals—became irresistible for accompanying the drum. These are all very sacred items.

I also noticed at the base of the shrine there are images of das avatar, the ten prominent avatars, or incarnations. My eyes gravitated to the picture of Vamana, the monk who is a dwarf and is hailed for being a walking God. Only three glorious steps of his put Him in the Vedic “Hall of Fame.”

I returned to Prem’s home and there I saw on his (de-caffeinated) coffee table, a copy of the Thunder Bay tourist magazine called, “Thunder Bay Experience.” On the front page is featured the Colour Fest of this past September, staged by Prem Kishor himself. “You’re a champion, Prem!”

I snapped that image also.

May the Source be with you!

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