Thursday, 7 December 2017

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Rodas, Cuba

The Food For Us

In the bush, not far from Havana, where we have land, a fabulous soup was cooked up in the out-of-doors, with all ingredients from that spot.  There was yucca, carrots and cabbage, some greens and raw turmeric.  It was just missing some sea salt, however, cheers to the cook, Nanda Tanuja.  How organic can you get?

And today, after a rough three hour ride to Rodas—rough because the exhaust filters through into the car’s interior—Sruti treated us to some simple buns with a unique veggie paste inside.  Yummy!  I can see that in these smaller places Krishna Consciousness is having some impact through food.  Mainly it’s the ladies who convert to a veg-based diet first.  And with today’s talk, the attendance was overwhelmingly female.  It seems the guys were outside working on machines.  I'm not judging here.

One question that popped up from one of the guests, “I still eat meat and eggs, but is it okay to offer Krishna fruit, flowers and water?  Do I qualify or do I only offer items to the Lord after I get free from meat eating?”

Answer is, “No, you perform whatever service you can.  Don’t delay.  Do it with love and pray that Krishna provides you with the means to get closer to Him.”

Another question was, “What do you tell a person who says to you, ‘Christ is the only way?’”

My answer is, “You just closed the door on me because we can’t have a two-way conversation.”

May the Source be with you!

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