Thursday, 7 December 2017

Saturday. December 2nd, 2017

Havana, Cuba

Good Day, Sunshine!

Eddy Alejandro is not an ordinary Cuban.  He’s a well-known musician, and his son, Christopher, is following in his dad’s footsteps.  Eddy had lots of questions about the life of a monk and it was natural, since his more deepened quest for life set in recently as his mum just passed away.  This doesn’t mean to say he’s contemplating a life of renunciation at any time in the near future.  His gorgeous wife wouldn’t have it.

“How do you live?  No salary?  When you do your walks? Where do you stay at night?  How do you see the world?  Really, no wife, no love?”

Slowly I answered those questions of his with translations by Caroline, a friend from Toronto of forty-two years.

“When you live that life of simplicity, where less is more, the world can be viewed from a very different angle, objectively.”  And so, in addition to chatting with him, we were encouraged to step into his recording studio and do a take on mantras, something he’s never been exposed to before.  He said it relieved him.  The chant was soothing.

Another event today, which served as a mind pacifier, was the yajna, conducted by Hayagriva, on the land maintained by Chaitanya Priya and Carlos, who ceremoniously received his first initiation today.  Now with a new name, Krishna Surya, he was still, as usual, Mister Content, in smiles and peace.  He’s not only the expert gardener, but he treated everyone to his own, homegrown coconuts and demonstrated his mastery with the machete so we could drink.

In the morning, we only had thirty minutes for our presentation of Krishna Consciousness at the Institute for the Science of Religion.  For that, there had to be something very stimulating.  There were sixty or so students, and their participation in the kirtan was vital.  Without force, but rather by self-inspiration, all partook in the dance and chants.  Everyone appeared to be in the state of felicidad?

May the Source be with you!

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