Thursday, 28 December 2017

Monday, December 25th, 2017

Mississauga, Ontario

Baby Blue

I went to visit Gelda’s residence. The family runs a food business that supplies Walmart, some airlines, and other outlets.  Of particular interest to me is their business supplies great alternative sugar substitutes, brown rice and a line of other pro-health products.

“The demand is on,” said Mukesh Gelda, one of the managers whose birthday happens to fall on mine, “People want to go more organic and wholesome.”  Sounds like food fit for God.

While at his home, he brought me to his altar where daily prayers take place.  We also looked outside the window to view the baby-blue vista—a fresh snowfall, icicles and a bright clear sky to give pleasure to the mind.

It was really the only Christmas outing for me today and that’s fine.  I needed time to write and to pace—it so happened that it had to be indoors, just one more day.

I am truly drawn to the snow and the crisp challenge of it.  One call I received from Saskatchewan was their forecast for tomorrow, -51°C.  The one good thing about plummeting temperatures is that it brings everyone close together.  Body heat comes in handy at times.

As pointed out by Krsnadas, my good friend whom I’ve spent much time traveling with as monks, “This Christmas Day is the quietest day of the year.”  He’s right.  Fewer cars.  That is like heaven.

Could we have just one day without cars except for emergencies?  For Planet Earth’s sake?

May the Source be with you!

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