Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Cold? No Problem

It is a two hour flight going northwest to Thunder Bay from Toronto.

Surely there would be snow in this town, being closer to the Arctic! As we landed it was confirmed. The white stuff had made a light covering over the area. No problem for me.

It’s also no problem for Jayosh, 53, the flight attendant who sat next to me for a good fifteen minutes. He’s quite devotional. He chants on his beads and told me that on one flight that was particularly bumpy—turbulent—when all passengers were told to remain seated, he also sat and began his routine chanting. Two ladies nearby saw his lips moving and this was translated as prayer and they assumed the plane was definitely going to crash—as if he knew something they didn’t. They became very restless. “Freaking out,” as he put it, and he had to allay their fears, like a good flight attendant.

At the terminal I was greeted by Prem, a hero for me. He’s got the Colourfest down and annually throws the best colour/powder party in Canada—this year in September, when new students were freshly arriving in town. The Marina Park overlooking Lake Superior was the location for the fun.

Incidentally when I meet those students, many of whom are from warmer climates, I have to get my sermon out that cold is good. “Mind over matter,” and “if you warm up to the cold the cold warms up to you. Dress warm and no problem.”

Not being a hypocrite in this regard, I passionately did two sessions of walking in the now soft, snow-bound streets, all bright and clear, and relished the trek near Mount McKay.

May the Source be with you!

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