Thursday, 1 June 2017

Wednesday May 31, 2017

Lodgepole, Nebraska


Hayagriva picked up a turtle and the frightened little fellow peed on Hayagriva’s hand. It must have been his first encounter with humans. We let him go. Nature was generous to have us meet him.
Two antelope came onto our path, a male and a female. They stood there rather frozen at seeing two walking humans. Motorized people, they probably see plenty of. We were novel for them.
The air is dryer here as we move west; the soil more sandy. And the people are people.
Brian from the Sun Telegraph came out a second time. This morning he was equipped with a camera.
From the visit and kirtan by my two assistants, Hayagriva and Marshall, a friend was made in Peggy, the local librarian. She with Rhonda, grand-daughter, walked with me the length of the town of Chappell. My goodness, did the boys ever make an impact in this town!
I also met Aaron, from Lodgepole. Young and curious, he asked if I was Buddhist.
“No, but I am a monk, a Hare Krishna monk. It is from a tradition much older than Buddhism. Gaudiya Vaisnavism is the historical term.”
“You know, you don’t see a whole lot of monks around town,” remarked Aaron. He’s agreed to meet with us tomorrow for discussions.
Finally, we were booked to see Colleen, the principal of the North Elementary School summer camp. She’s lining up dozens of students for Friday’s events, which will involve our participation.
Walking and interacting with wildlife and mild people is an integral part of this trek across the U.S.A.

May the Source be with you!

21 miles

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