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Tuesday May 30, 2017

Chappell, Nebraska

Relationship Music

The two boys, Hayagriva and Marshall, went to Chappell (population 1000) to chant downtown. I suggested this as I know they enjoyed doing so in Paxton, Roscoe and Sutherland; old villages, if not hamlets. Taking a portable harmonium and mrdunga drum in hand, they gave a jolly boisterous performance in procession style (if you can do that with two) and around Chappell’s shoppers.
Two women approached the musician monks and one of them held up her hands as Diana Ross of the Supremes would do. “STOP! In the name of love.”
“What are you doing?” Asked the woman. “What’s going on?”
“We’re travelling monks, sharing sacred sound. We are spreading spirituality.”
“What do you mean by spirituality?” she continued.
Hayagriva responded, “Understanding who we are and our relationship with God.”
“That’s the word I was looking for.” She was pacified, felt the devotion from our young men and encouraged them to go up and down every street, singing.
One man saw the boys and asked a similar question and he approved of their answer and agreed to pay for some fruit they could use.
Hayagriva and Marshall were a hit in town. At the auto-parts place, they asked for a wrench to tune up the drum. “That’ll be 45 cents for the purchase,” said the clerk.
Meanwhile, I was putting on my twenty miles for the day, in the barren, but beautiful, setting, in the plains along the Lincoln Highway. Brian from the Sun Telegraph came to interview.
The three of us are simply planting seeds of bhakti, devotion. We are loving it!

May the Source be with you!

20 miles

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