Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sunday, June 4, 2017


A New State

“Dudes” is a popular steak-house restaurant in Sidney. I didn’t know of the busy clientele, until I conveniently sat on one of the provided benches in front of the diner. The workers there were extra nice. Two waitresses came out and asked me to sign the newspaper which featured Hayagriva and myself  on the front page.

“Can we make you a hamburger? It’s on the House.”

“Thank you, but I’m a vegetarian.”

They came back a minute later saying they could serve me a veggie burger which was made out of black beans. I really appreciated them going out of their way to be friendly, but I just had to decline. I was full of the delicious wraps the boys had put together.

Kindness is truly prevalent on some days. Experience shows that people I meet are anywhere from indifferent to positive in their response to our walk.

The above interaction with the “Dudes” staff was on Friday night. Today, however, Sunday, showed more of an aloof reaction from motorists. Fortunately, we did reach some milestones. I stepped into the state of Wyoming. We also took a drive to the vibrant Denver community for the world popular ISKCON Sunday feast. Lastly, Aaron, whom I met on Tuesday, decided to join our team.

Aaron is a young man at an interesting juncture in his life. He’s giving the spiritual approach to life a chance. The three of us, Hayagriva, Marshall and myself, have accepted him Ike a younger brother (for me a son).

May the Source be with you.

20 miles

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