Saturday, 3 June 2017

Thursday June 1, 2017

Sidney, Nebraska

Spurts or Pick-Me-Ups

“Hey, are you a Hare Krishna?” asked the husky, tattooed man at Legion Park.
“Well, yes, I am.”
“You guys were all over the place in the movies in the ’80s. I always wanted to meet one.”
“You’re in luck today.”
“Can I get a picture with you?” His son, Zack, took the photo and he told me we made his day. In reality, he made my day. I had one mile to complete to hit my target of twenty miles when I met him. The sun was strong. I felt divested of energy, but his interest in me and what I’m doing, gave me a boost. 
There are always these small spurts of interest that excite everyday. For instance, a long slithery bull snake coiled at the sight of me but I really wanted him off the road to avoid the disaster that many creatures meet under the wheels or the bumper of a car.
“Rattlesnakes are what you worry about around here,’ confirmed a state trooper, “and not the bull snake.”
Reading a sign outside a residence that says “Danger Men Cooking” was also something that excited me. 
Most important of all was a local eighteen-year-old Aaron, who joined me. It appears he’s at a juncture in his life and he displayed some enthusiasm toward what we are doing with the walk and our lifestyle. Aaron is an intelligent young man and is very philosophical. It was refreshinghaving him spend some time with us on the road. 
A special thanks to Jim and Jane of Chappell, who cooked for us, provided us with lodging, and drummed and chanted with us. 

May the Source be with you! 

20 miles

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