Friday, 9 June 2017

Wednesday June 7, 2017

Fort Collins, Colorado

The Richer the Clothes

Last Sunday, my clothes went for a fresh dye, a richer orange. It was the kindness of the ISKCON Colorado monks who addressed my fading colours. I knew it to be an issue. The sun and regular washing take the life out of the colour.

The police who came to visit me today, on Rd. 74, made some remarks. One of them said, “You got the right colour. Drivers can see you from far away.” The other officer mentioned that it is the colour of prisoners.

As usual, police stop out of concern for safety.They have a point. Thus far, most roads leading into the  Fort Collins/Denver area are heavily trafficked. Car accidents rate high in Colorado compared to the rest of the nation.

It is rare to see a walker. It’s cars that are all pervasive. Cars, cars, and more cars. When I see a train with rail cars full of automobiles, I would like to shout out, “Send them back where they came from. We don’t need anymore.”

A road construction fellow also remarked, “Yeah, in the eighties I remember more people walkin’. It’s madness today, really!”

For a while I was in a cursing mode, condemning the world for letting cars on the loose and attacking the freshness of air, water and space. I managed to tame the lion in me by relaxing under some huge cottonwood trees and catching a whiff of a Russian Olive. And just when I had laid down on the grass, in my perceived area of privacy within a public park, then a fellow with a whipper-snipper came cutting the grass.

Will the operator accidentally cut off my tired feet? They are precious. I have need of them. So I got up and got out of the way, and proceeded to walk.

May the Source be with you!
20 miles

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