Monday, 12 June 2017

Saturday June 10, 2017

West of Rustic, Colorado
Go Tell It On The Mountain

There is a haunting sound to the wind as it whistles through the needles of the jackpines. Upon hearing the sound, I feel safe. I’m in nature and that is comforting.
It is a gradual, incremental climb to reach the summit of the mountain I’m ascending via highway. The air I breathe is thinning out. That’s because of the increasing altitude.
I took two naps as I made my way up to the parking position. It was sublime sleeping amidst the trees, after kicking off my shoes and reclining on the ground. I was without water for hours and so a patch of snow nearby took care of hydration.
Yes, it is definitely cooler in the heights of the mountains, with periodic strong currents of air whipping through. The weather is deceptive. The wind is strong and dry but the sun is also strong.
Fortunately for me, Brian and Amy from Fort Collins, spotted me yesterday and then again today as I passed by their cottage. The couple eventually came around by car.
Brian asked, “Can we talk?”
The couple jokingly admitted to “monk hunting” and once they found me they gifted me with water, grapes and a granola bar. That was sweet. I hope to meet them again.
I also want to thank the hosts of an evening program from the night before. Thanks to Sanatan Priya for sponsoring a room for us for a week.
May the Source be with you!

20 miles

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