Saturday, 17 June 2017

Friday June 16, 2017

Hayden, Colorado

Others Have Done It

I’ve known that I am not the only one who has walked or is walking across the U.S., that others out there have pushed causes like myself. Toby Shaw from Denver, Colorado, sent me an article about a fellow who trekked and made it to Kansas City after four months on the road. He concluded his walk in 2015. Erick Brown is his name and he was spreading peace and love, accompanied by his goat named Deer; he was on his feet and his pet was on his hooves.

Another walker, Steve Wescott, started his walk in Seattle in 2012 with his first goat, Leroy Brown—until Leroy died—and then his second goat, Miles, with whom he made it to Times Square after several years. They were raising money for an orphanage in Kenya. Steve said sometimes they only walked four miles a day.

Meanwhile, progress is being made with my walk, albeit goat-less. I think it would be safe to say, we are approaching two-thirds of the way across the U.S. as we get nearer to the Utah border.

Each day, I note the mileage marker, and Marshall, who does most of the navigation and driving, jumps ahead at three miles, so after an hour, we meet. At other times, errands have to be run and in those circumstances, I’m on the road, seemingly alone, for hours. Actually, I’m never really by myself. There are enough motorists who greet me with a smile or wave a hand, and now that the weather is fine, people are out and about offering their thumbs up.

It always excites me when a journalist like Audrey Dwyer of “Steamboat Today” out of Steamboat Springs, famous for its hot springs and skiing, and Sasha Nelson from the “Craig Daily Press” from the city of Craig—home of the “Whittle the Wood Rendevouz” happening this weekend—come out to ask questions.

One, or maybe two, of my pet peeves along the road are trash, especially broken beer bottles, as well as roadkill. Today, it was dead snakes.

A question I asked the boys, as our day ended, was, “What are your realizations about the Creator today?”

Answers were: “Conquered by Love.” “Reciprocities.” “Is multi-dimensional?”

May the Source be with you!

22 miles

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