Saturday, 10 June 2017

Friday June 9, 2017

Rustic, Colorado
It Starts With The Moon

The moon, in almost complete fullness, was right before me on high; its image tucked between two mountain peaks. Rainbow colours circled around it.
Marshall, who was with me, also marvelled at the splendour of it, and remarked, “My dad used to say that those circles around the moon indicate there will be a storm.”
As the hours wore on, we did not encounter a weather storm, but the rage of the Cache la Poudre River, aka the Poudre (pronounced poo-der) River. I personally love the roar of a river in my ears, as opposed to the roar of trucks. It is real mercy (fortune) that very few trucks visit this road, Hwy 14. I am astounded that cars and recreational vehicles don’t tumble down into the river with this meandering road at its side. There are no barriers to keep traffic in. I am also surprised that the towering rocks, seemingly ready to give way, do not roll down to crush the traffic. This is a tight valley.
I do think of people, acquaintances, I know while walking. I think about and pray for those who struggle with cancer, alcohol and multiple other challenges. I knew them in a period of their life when they were vibrant and youthful. It’s changed now. Age is creeping up for all.
People are important to me. One fellow, in his middle-age, was working in his front yard. I asked, “How far is the town of Rustic?”
He told me, “Two miles.”
I told him of my walk and moved on. Later, he drove up to reach me and gave me a bag filled with half of his personal groceries, all veg-oriented, of course.
Now that’s kindness. He shone like the moon with rings of colour around him. He shone. Thank you!
May the Source be with you!
20 miles
Editor’s Note: 
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Should be very interesting! Please join us!

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