Monday, 12 June 2017

Sunday June 11, 2017

Jackson County, Colorado
In the Raw and the City

“That’s really impressive,” mentioned the young motorist, when I took the opportunity to tell him of the walk from New York after he offered a ride.
“Sorry, I can’t take the lift. There’s no cheating. I’ve got to walk it all the way to San Fransisco.”
Aaron is in touch with us, but Hayagriva, Marshall and I made it to Cameron Pass—elevation just under 11,000 feet. And today, the trek took us to a plateau just east of Walden.
We are truly in God’s country and it is a perfect place for monks to be in. There are no billboards, no restaurants, no night clubs, or Walmarts. It is raw nature except for the highway. But there are ranches on this flat strip we’ve been trekking, plus cattle; and there’s moose. Oh, we like those guys.
Moose, deer, ground hogs, magpies in the air, and trout in the river. That is a constant. And our living quarters for three days, are this rustic cabin in no-man’s land. Again, a perfect scenario for three monks.
By our good fortune, we did make the drive to Denver for their Sunday feast Program. I was asked to inspire all from my talk on “Tales from Trails” and to lead kirtan, a chanting session.
The three of us are somewhat sad to see Aaron no longer accompanying us, but in the future, the doors are wide open for him.
May the Source be with you, and with Nick, who did a podcast live on Facebook with us today!

17 miles

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