Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Toronto, Ontario

1 Km, Hurray!

Luv and I walked to “Staples” the office/stationary store.  This encompasses one kilometre and not more.  This was a great victory for me considering the gout in my foot.

Truly I would like to put discussion of this concern to a close, if I could.  Drinking warm water, avoiding protein-rich foods, sticking to veggies and fruits and that little bit of exercise (for now) is my regimen.  The swelling slowly is diminishing.  Hurray!  Let’s see what happens when in India.  I leave on Monday of next week.

I just can’t resist sharing with you a response from a student of mine in Ohio, commenting on my gout situation.  Kaustubha sent this message.

“Heard you were off your feet for a bit so I thought I would reach out and try to give you a little laugh.  It’s topical in not only your ailment but also the general mood in the country (the U.S.).  Hope you get better sooner than later!  Haribol!

“Why didn’t the two feet get along?”

“They both thought they were right.”

Luv and I purchased a black board for writing the morning Bhagavatam verse on.  I don’t care for white boards.  Markers leave just that—marks.  But even the black board leaves much to be desired.  It’s flimsy, lacking strength and durability, like most items manufactured today.

The first verse the board has experienced has appeared.  What a great chapter entitled “The Childhood Pastimes of Krishna.”

May the Source be with you!

1 km

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