Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Mayapur, India

K.K. Swami & Me

I was greeted by an American monk who spends most of his time in Europe.

“It’s the top of the morning,” said Krsna Ksetra Swami, very optimistically.

He had expressed empathy over my slight waddle when walking near him the other day.  I mentioned that I spent a good hour lying down wiggling and stretching my toes as therapy for the gout.

“Toe yoga,” he said

“Yes, that’s right.  Stretching all parts of our machinery should be a regular affair.”  And for me now, it’s the left toe.

K.K. Swami has always been nice to me and has included me in his writing projects.  His books, Rama Smaranam and Gaura Smaranam are compilations of monologues of Vedic personalities.  In Rama Smaranam I contributed a piece voiced by the mystic, Marich, who took the form of a golden deer.  And in Gaura Smaranam I provided a monologue from Jagai who was the less evil of the two brothers.  Womanizers, drunkards and gamblers that they were, I found it fun to explore the anatomy of the more vile type of person.

I had the pleasure to open up the AGM this same morning with the song to honour the guru.  I was quite alive for that, however, ten minutes into the meeting, fatigue hit me.  I felt bad to doze for a few seconds.  Session #2 on this great day to remember the saint, Nityananda, and I was perhaps redeeming myself by His mercy.  I was perked up.

May the Source be with you!

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