Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sunday, January 29th, 2017

Brampton, Ontario


Vladik is a Polish friend of mine who comes to visit, or calls me occasionally.  He likes to share with me new-found reading material that especially is provocative, or shall I say, introspective.  As a gesture of friendship he offered me two packets of the best European chocolate.

“Thanks so much, Vladik, you’re kind.”  In front of him I looked at the ingredients.

“I hope it’s okay?” he expressed with concern.

“Well, to be honest I rarely take chocolate.  It may have caffeine—something we avoid.”  I read away on the packaging, “whey powder, milk, nuts, salt, sugar, coffee even.  Boy oh boy!  This may not fly.  Anyways, let me google to see what some experts say about chocolate and how it affects the gout I have.”

From my android came the following: “Not only is chocolate a “miracle food” when it comes to gout prevention but it also knocks down the inflammation of an active gout flare…  Dark chocolate that consists of about 35% of cocoa is considered to be ideal for gout sufferers.  This type of chocolate is more bitter than the traditional sweet, milk or white…”

I was quite amazed by the info on chocolate and so was Vladik  and Vyasacharya who brought our Polish friend in the first place.  Vyasa immediately offered to go to a bulk food place.  He returned in minutes with the dark chocolate with practically few ingredients.  I indulged and took this food item as a natural medicine.

Does or did it work?  I’ll let you all in on the outcome.

May the Source be with you!

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