Thursday, 3 November 2016

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

Toronto, Ontario
Sweetness at Bloor
There could not be better weather for walking at 59° Fahrenheit (my phone indicates).  Bloor Street is my walkabout route—vibrant with people.  Enlightened?  Who am I to judge?  Pedestrians are moving.  Many of them are students, but in general it’s a mix of ages, genders, vocations and ethnicities.  All spirits, though.

The fact they are in motion indicates existence of a life-force; a power-house of unending energy moving from one body to another.

Are they happy people?  I see mostly grave faces.  I hanker for more smiles.  I better implement that myself.  Yes, it works.  And, adding a slight nod supports it.

I did maximize an exchange with two Tibetan Buddhists who were two out of the many pedestrians.  For the most part, Buddhism is a branch or off-shoot of the Vedic/Hindu lifestyle which tends to be benign.

From afar, we sent the smile, and we approached each other, followed by a pranam (palms together).  Then with limited language exchange (they knew so little English and I know no Tibetan parlance) we spoke, but it was “How are you?”  “Do you live here?”  “Yes!”  “And you?”  “Good day!”  “Very nice to meet you!”

And I said, “God bless!  Hare Krishna!”

“Oh!  Krishna, yes!”

That’s all.  No need to challenge or use any form of jarring each other.  Just sweetness prevailed.

My condolences to friends and family of Garga Muni of Miami.  He was a student of mine and an astrologer saint.

Condolences also to the Geldas who lost their dear sister also today.

May the Source be with you!

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