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Friday, November 4th, 2016

Gainesville, Florida 

Balance of Education

I admire a friend of mine so much.  I guess we should say that about anyone we classify as friend.

For Kalakanta, who manages the Krishna House in Gainesville, I appreciate the innovative ways in which he advances the cause of higher consciousness.  This temple and the residential facilities that house students, provide space for cultivating one’s spiritual and physical needs simultaneously.  Students pay rent, agree to abide by dharmic (moral) principles, receive great food, follow a standard satisfactory bhakti-yoga regimen and study hard at school.

I wish I had such opportunity when I took fine arts in college in 1972/3.

Kalakanta has provided a framework which prepares young men and women for a good future.  After taking a 5 kilometre walk toward Gainesville, I was driven to the Krishna House to expound upon the famous verse from Rsabhadev who was educating his sons (Bhagavatam 5.1.1) on making the right choice in life toward spirituality.

“Don’t be like the stool-eaters.”  That is, do not leap toward the cheap.  Establish your foundation with reality.  I am not this body.  I’m spirit.  In a nutshell these are Rsabhadev’s messages.

I noticed that across the street from this two-story building at 214 N.W. 14th Street, student residences are springing up.  A series of large, chunky, squarish structures are now blocking the sun, in a space where formerly there was a wide, open field.

Could it be that those new accommodations will one day be filled by students who will enrol in courses which nurture both body and soul?  That would serve to offer a balance in life for students at UF for future generations.  It would be great to see such initiative flourish worldwide.

May the Source be with you!

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