Sunday, 20 November 2016

Tuesday, November 15th 2016

Toronto, Ontario
Before an eleven hour flight to Santiago, Chile, and then a two hour soaring over to Buenos Aires, I took a one hour walk through Rosedale.  No coat required.  It appears to be an extended, warm fall.  The occasional changes in Canada are a constant reminder of the temporariness of the world.

This feature of material nature should serve to remind us of the world’s fleeting way and how we can learn detachment.

In Sutapa’s rendition of Bhagavad-gita: A Short Summary in Acronyms, he addresses this principle of detachment in Chapter 15.

“Imagine someone checks into their holiday hotel room and then begins painting the walls, buying new furniture, refitting the bathroom and hanging up family pictures. It sounds ludicrous—you don’t make arrangements for long-term comfort in a temporary residence. This world is likened to a hotel room within which people make complicated plans for security and enjoyment. In Chapter Fifteen, Krishna uses a wonderful analogy to create detachment within the spiritualist and fuel his desire to re-enter his real home in the spiritual realm.”

The banyan tree is used by Krishna to help us understand life’s complexities, its entanglement, and that life’s aim is to move in the direction of exiting this.  For that, great reflection is required.

Please refer to the banyan tree example in Chapter 15 to help understand reflection.

May the Source be with you!


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