Sunday, 20 November 2016

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Toronto, Ontario
Super Moon

Our small team of walkers were somewhat keen to catch a glimpse of the upcoming supermoon.  NASA reported that a super bright moon would punctuate the sky and be the brightest since 1948.  It will be closer to earth this evening.  Before sun-up this morning, we thought to see what we could, once out of the neighbourhood’s city lights.

On May Street, our feet received a treat, as the road is one of the few in the city which boasts being composed of interlocking red-brick, which is also slightly wavy.  Good for the feet.  We then hit its parallel—Glen Road—and from the bridge stretched over a ravine, we could see the moon, not crisp and clean at this point, but hazy, if anything.

We leaned over the bridge’s rail and admired the heavenly body which is so under-rated and often ignored.  It was beautifully suspended in the fathomless sky and seemed to shift to the westerly direction from its position twelve hours earlier when it visited the east.

Frankly, as we drove back into the city, last evening, that same wondrous moon seemed buoyant.  As we made those turns (on wheels, not feet) toward the city’s inner core, he would play hide-and-seek, so it seemed.  It’s as if the moon has personality, possessing gravity at some moments, and frivolity a few  moments later.

It’s interesting how chandra, the moon, can stir the human mind, arouse wolves and coyotes, conjure the romance in people, and provide nourishment for plants among so many other influential things.

May the Source be with you!

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