Thursday, 3 November 2016

Monday, October 31st, 2016

Burlington, Ontario

Tests and Testing
While in India recently, a number of us monks went for blood tests—a medical check-up compliments of the Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai.  I don’t know about the results of the other ten or so renunciates—that is private and personal—but, my diagnostics via the Mumbai testing, as well as the additional testing done today in Burlington—which confirms the same—reads that my blood count is good.

“That is attributed to your activeness—your walking,” said Dr. Kishore Singh.  My mechanics are not perfect, however.  I’m not Bhagavan (God).  There needs to be regulations on diet to address triglyceride levels.  More fibre food and fewer carbs will help.  And most likely, there’s a need to cut down on quantities.

Check-ups for maturing people are essential if endurance is to mean anything.  At 64, as in my case, you try to avoid gambling in the food department.  You have to know your limits and continue to work on adjustments as the years pass by.

Prescriptions, or sense control like this, are very conducive for everyone and especially for those of the renounced order.

So today, or rather tonight, at the colourful Govardhan-puja festival, which has much to do with chanting, discussion, displays, good cheer, fun and finally food, I was tested.  You have all this rich edible material called a feast, where eyes enlarge at the mere sight of the preps, but stomach only stretches so far.  Well, I stuck to a veg prep and went for fruit, not of a highly acidic content.

I believe I championed the situation, by the grace of Krishna.  I then went for a walk.

May the Source be with you!

5 km

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