Sunday, 13 November 2016

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Bolton, Ontario
In the Country 

Thursday night is shopping night for a lot of folks.  Traffic is increased; thus it took two hours (that’s double the usual time) to arrive by car at our destination, the Nirvana retreat Centre.  Here I have my own 10’ x10’ cabin. A two-story one next to me is reserved for our own three-man monk party.  Delegates from other parts of Canada have arrived for a weekend of sanga (group fuelling).

Do I like the place?

Of course!  Just the word ‘cabin’ paints a picture of rusticness and comfort.  Cedars, pine, spruce and hardwood trees are almost hugging our cabins.  The main building, with ample space, provides on its two floors, a dining facility and a yoga room.  An aqua-coloured pond, with a limestone base, that could have been our morning bath just a month ago, is also on site.

Love the smells; love the sounds.  Coyotes howl something wicked.  We are charmed.  I’ll take their song over any man-made engine.

A few moments on the bench by the pond.  I’m chanting the maha-mantra hoping perchance to see a coyote or two breeze by.  I would let them be.  Not a move I’d make or a sound I’d shake.  I would try to see Krishna in them and process the phrase “I’m the ability in all,” spoken by the speaker of the Gita.

Minutes pass and I didn’t see a coyote at all.  It was just silently beautiful.

May the Source be with you!

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