Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sunday, November 20th, 2016

Buenos Aires, Argentina
So Much Happiness

As the name implies this city has some “good air.”  Being near the ocean, a port city, some prana (life force) makes its way through the place.  I’m enjoying it, seated on a bench, and anticipating a high spirit festival, the annual Chariot Fest.

While fingering through on my japa (meditation) beads, I find everything rather conducive to living a ‘real’ life.  Even the local temple cat, who seems to carry on as if the courtyard is his domain, is frisking about, chasing and grabbing a fallen twig of leaves.  The air’s movement agitates the leaves and their shiver has captivated him.  He’s oblivious to my sitting there and chanting.

He’s also unaware of today’s celebration of what you’ll find in most major cities, the Ratha Yatra, a chariot festival. A re-enactment of a joy ride taken up by Sri Krishna and siblings, long ago.  The celebration includes a march of chanters down a major street and then food, displays, kid’s fun and stage events to follow.

I was involved in the stage presentation.  Balarama, who travelled with me from Canada, played the lead role in “Krishna Is…”  He did very well by incorporating his ballet-trained skill into the production.  I moved around the grounds, where the audience was sitting during the performance, with some concern.  Will the people be able to focus on some grave-to-emotional, almost stoic-in-action scenes like Krishna just talking to an old school mate during a reunion?  Fortunately, the crowd of hundreds was focused.  That same attention came during the Gita scene.  I was amazed at their amazement.

Overall, what a festival!  So much happiness!

May the Source be with you!

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