Thursday, 17 November 2016

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Bolton, Ontario
Out Before the Meet

The country road we trekked had a name, but we were not aware of it.  It doesn’t really matter, at least for our purpose which was  primarily to go for a stroll.  The road and surroundings belong to the Creator, as far as we are concerned, and therefore, deserve respect.

It is that time of year when leaves make a twirling descent to the forest floor.  What is left are barren poles, the trunks of trees.  They bear a naked aspect but this idyllic scene is clearly a revelation of nature’s simplicity.

“Pretty woman,” I thought, in contemplating Mother Nature’s recycling plan.  Those leaves are a type of mulch.  They offer some protection and warmth.  They also offer colour of a rust sort, and eventually, they become a new level of fertile soil, giving food to the roots of trees.

How perfect this all is!

The views change persistently with the trees—dressed versus undressed—all to do with leaves.  The change is refreshing, even entertaining.

In one of our presentations at the Nirvana Retreat Centre, during the AGM for ISKCON Canada, the topic of mental health came up.  To some degree or other, each and every one of us is met with some level of mental attack.

Being out on that stroll, in the company of colour, wind, creeks, and trees, and with us smelling, feeling, seeing etc., it became so much of a therapy, even apart from the good benefits derived from walking.

Let’s get out there!

May the Source be with you!

5 km

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