Sunday, 20 November 2016

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Meeting Talent

Juan and I took a stroll at our “Krishna Is” drama’s break-time.  I asked him what his vocation is and he tells me he’s training up to be a clown.

Really. Can someone make a living doing that? I thought.  Juan has so much more potential.  He’s doing fantastic as the warrior, Arjuna, in our drama which is set to be performed this Sunday.

Back to our practice place and there I met Laura.  She’s a super talented actor on Argentinian television.  More recently, she’s devoted herself to live theatre musicals.  Devotees tell me she is quite famous.

Laura was kind enough to watch a small Krishna vignette.  What an honour for those of us practising!  She gave her input after she saw our troupe in action.

“Believe in what you are on the stage, then you convince others (the audience).”  “Give more fullness in your movement,” she suggested, in an encouraging way.

The discussion I had, to follow-up on her fine critique, involved the person, Krishna, Himself.  “What a god Krishna is!  He dances, sings, is heroic, stays young permanently.  Amazing isn’t it?” I asked her. 
Meeting Him means meeting talent. 

“Oh yes!” she answered agreeably.  Laura is connected to Krishna-lila (pastimes), and to chanting….

She’s also lived in Toronto for some time.  People in Argentina know her as Laura Azcurra.  It was great to have her presence.

May the Source be with you!

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