Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013


Toronto, Ontario

Ken, of yesterday, also asked me, “Which is your favourite place in the world?”

And so I told him what I really felt, “Wherever I am.”

I don’t know if it had come by some coincidence, but this morning the verse which we read from the book Bhagavatam seemed to allude to this type of message – “You are at home even though you are away from home."  At least, this is how we discussed the topic.  In other words, a person should be comfortable in any setting because he/she has the Supreme on their mind.

I could be hundreds of miles away from the nearest temple or ashram and let’s say in the middle of Ireland, walking, but if I vibrate from my lips the maha mantra, my consciousness is there and then I am at home, away from home.  The real home is the spiritual world, but I should also develop the vision that all that is around me is a product of the Great Spirit, that there is always a connection.  The only loose connection is in my head, with my mind.

When we ponder what is mundane and go down the dark tunnel of ME, then we are actually homeless.  I believe that everyone wants to make the homerun.  Recently when I was in Cuba I saw particularly how the young men take to American baseball.  It was Saturday afternoon and in at least three different ball diamonds and parks that I passed by, these young guys were active at play, interested in the homeruns.

It was this day that I met Jan Peters from Newfoundland, a person whom I’ve known from the first of the Canwalks in ’96.  She had lunch in our temple’s dining room with her friend Maggie.  She had just made her first trip to India and just returned.  She had visited temples and orphanages, she was really at home while there, so she conveyed, and plans to be back there soon.  It looks like she’d been in touch with herself, and that is the point.  Home isn’t necessarily at your apartment.  In her case, the Battery, Saint John’s, Newfoundland.  Home is not even far away.   It’s where you are at present.  Then you have a healthy heart.  There’s a great connection.

May the Great Source be with you!

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