Thursday, 5 September 2013

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

Fresh Cut Wheat

Cadillac, Saskatchewan

The smell of fresh cut wheat hits the nostrils as soon as I open the door to Daruka’s car and make my entrance to the highway. He drives me to the spot from where I left off on the previous day.

It’s a whole new world of exploration. Will I walk through communities that might socially be classified as ghost towns as in the case of some places I’ve been to? I’m referring to boarded up businesses, sometimes also homes that have fallen into the hands of creepers and bushes. I would say that I’ve not yet trekked through a full blown ghost town yet, but some of these places seem to be getting there. You can only imagine the life that was once there. I guess job opportunities are better in the city so these once thriving communities start to fall into decline. There is always the chance for action to spring back and for a place to blossom again. Hmmm… land must be dirt cheap here.

I proceeded on with today’s adventure and heard to my left side coyotes howling. Once they completed their chorus, a choir began to my right side, stereo. A second community of coyotes had vibrated their awesome sound. I was rather close to their proximity. The sun hadn’t really come up yet. The sound of the choir sent a shot of goose pimples up my back. I just chanted some mantras more intensely, I had to make my sound as meaningful as the coyotes.

Now the day was in full swing, the sun had come up. Greg and Lilly from the Boom Town Booster, came for an interview, and so did Matthew from the Prairie Post. And for presentations at schools now that the summer is over, Daruka and I drove our way east and then west along Highway 13 to meet our appointments in Assiniboia and Lafleche. The gymnasiums got filled up in no time. The kids were marvellous. Educators love it when we inspire kids to be more outdoors. And secondly, hearing about travel encourages kids to think outside of the box.

One thing that I wanted to share was, you know how churches often have a caption to read outside their building? Here is one that applies to attitudes:

“A pessimist needs a good kick in the cans.”

24 KM

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