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Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Are You Looking For Directions?

Shaunavon, Saskatchewan

“Are you looking for directions?” asked the two young female students on their way to high school.

“No, I’m not lost, I’m walking across the country to celebrate the human body and what it’s capable of, to tap into the spiritual side of life.”

“That’s so cool! Can we get a photo with you?” And that’s how morning began and the interaction with people. One fellow was on this huge machine grating the gravel road which I took for 10 KMs, when he stopped his whole operation to talk. He relayed how he finds all kinds of people on these roads, including a guy lying in the ditch trying to sober up.

At the town of East End where Daruka and I did a presentation at the school (from K-12), the teacher asked, “Are you a quiet order of monks?”

“No, in fact, we make lots of noise with drums and songs – mantras.”

My favourite comment for the day coming from roadside folks in particular was when four bikers on their Harley’s pulled over. They stopped their engines, cut off their machines, pulled off their helmets and gloves and reached out one by one to offer a handshake of congratulations. The spokesperson said, “I guess we’re here to get some blessings.” Apparently the fellows saw me on their way into town when in town they picked up a newspaper, The Boom Town, saw and read the article about The Walking Monk. On their return journey they just had to stop and talk. They were great.

In addition to all the wonderful interactions, I was interviewed live at 6:45 AM on CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) from Regina with Sheila. Then we succeeded with a tape recording interview with Penny of CJSN Radio. The Standard Newspaper with Paul also came out to the highway to take a story. Finally it was with great satisfaction that Penelope booked Daruka and I for the library on Friday to speak on Tales From Trails.

We are quite set and are certainly not lost.

30 KM

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