Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Above the Catwalk

Taber, Alberta

Last night for my final trek for the day on Highway 3, a massive moon was behind me in the eastern sky.  Now, when having been dropped off at the highway this morning, I saw that the moon had shrunk and had leapt to the western sky.  If stars had dotted the upper background, I wouldn’t know, I could not see at this late start at 5:30 AM.

My steps forward were of normal speed and steadiness.  No motorists cared to stop for a word or two, but I did get in my share of communication with llamas who gravitated towards me but kept a few metres distance.  They stood there curious.  I offered them mantras.

Then came a bison farm.  I gave the same line of communication to them. They stopped their grazing and took to gazing to an inquisitiveness that hopefully made their day.

Finally upon reaching the small city of Taber, I mingled with some folks at a church yard sale before reaching the completed steps for the day at Confederation Park.  There, a more serious chat happened with boys at the skateboard facility.  I quite liked their little stunts on boards, scooters and bikes.  I found their language okay, you know, some things are just sick and some just suck.

It was here that Greg from the Taber Times came for an interview.  Amongst his questions came, “I see from your website that you were raised Christian, what made you change?”

My response was that I’m still a believer and that I added Krishna to the equation.  I never left Christian values.  A second interview came in Lethbridge just before meeting with a group at one floor just above a hair salon called Catwalk.  We call that a satsang when people come together for a spiritual experience.  That was sweet.  I was thrilled that not everyone cancelled out to go to the local zombie walk and turned up at our satsang instead.  Then a swift ride north on Highway 2 brought Daruka and I to a north east corner address in Calgary for another satsang  and a comprehensive as possible look at verse 9.32 of the Gita.  This verse qualifies everyone every opportunity to reach incredible spiritual heights.  No one is barred regardless of their background, creed, gender or colour.

Our day had been long as these engagements folded into what turned into a starry night.  Fatigue got the both of us and that includes Billy the bird.

A quote to remember, “If we only look down, there will never be stars.”

I want to thank Andrea and Ali for the space above the Catwalk.

22 KM

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