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Friday, September 27th, 2013

At Philly

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

It was near the commuter train that I entered a winding trail near these black walnut trees, a peaceful path it is.  I came upon a seniors couple on the whole hour there.  The rest of the time I was to myself.  It seems to be an unofficial trail which is the best kind.  For the most part, it’s a neat trail, a clear trail.  However, in certain sections, but rarely, you could find broken glass, a result of outdoor partying by youth most likely.

Ravindra had earlier on told me of these entangling trails.  While dark, we tread one on the course of our japa walk which didn’t end up being a mantra meditation walk at all.  He is full of talk with the rich history of the area of German town and Chestnut Hill.  He let me in on all that he wanted to say.  We also touched on some details of his half Christian half Jewish heritage.  I did feel like I achieved a lesson in history of a portion of this city of brotherly love, Philadelphia.

If you go to a place like Europe, you’ll hear about Philadelphia for its cream cheese.  According to Ravindra’s wife, when Europeans speak of the renowned cheese, they only use the word Philadelphia as the spread you put over sandwiches, bagels and other foods.  No mention of cheese in the conversation.  Philadelphia is synonymous to cream cheese.  In fact, this is the common food product that I use in applying to tortillas to make wraps with veggies when I trek across Canada, it nourishes me.

The only other thing that makes me think of this city is Shyamalan, the director of the film The Sixth Sense, whom I met when before he became a noted master in film.

I had delivered a class at the Radha Krishna temple on Allens Road this morning.  It turned out as much of a discussion as it did a discourse or talk.  The verse from which I spoke mentioned the Kumaras who were lifelong monks.  That then lead to the topic of the marital status of people, in many cases people do stay single, but what makes life a fulfillment is through a spiritual channel where a relationship has a solid base only.

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