Thursday, 5 September 2013

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Galaxy Trail

Meyronne, Saskatchewan

For starters today, I saw what seemed like a magical trail. My eyes seemed deceived. At 4:20 AM when I hit the pavement, there appeared a parallel route right above me, The Milky Way. It was directly above and it was welcoming.

If I could reach up far enough and thrust myself upside down, I might succeed to walk it. Then I would have a new perspective on things. I could see even better than now, being a small dot in the prairie, how tiny we really are, how insignificant we actually are.

As the sun slowly influenced my momentary dream to trek the heavens to the point of it dissolution, I took seriously to my dark trail again, the asphalt.

Something was moving in the grass, I approached it. A porcupine? No. A skunk. He raised his bushy tail and came forward, actually, right after me. Did I just stand there? No. I ran. He halted and finally retreated. The worst case scenario would be to receive a generous spray from a skunk. Wouldn’t Daruka love to have me in his car stinking like foul mustard oil. Sometime later in the course of the walk, a particularly large garter snake slithered his way toward the highway, to him, I was the skunk, the aggressor. He picked up speed and fled and disappeared into the grass.

Humans. They have standard questions once I explain I’m on a journey to promote pilgrimage.

“Where do you sleep? How do you eat?” Naturally the doubt is there because all they see of me is robes and a pouch for japa beads.

“Campsites mostly, in a tent,” I said. “Simple living, high thinking. Also I have a support person, Daruka, he comes and checks on me once in a while. We have our tent, cooking stove, clothes, and all of our belongings in his car.“ Once the practical concerns are met, the motorist or the person who’s questioning may want to penetrate more deeply and even get philosophical.

For the finale of the day, Daruka, Billy and I left for the home of Lynn from Ogema. There we enjoyed a potluck, discussions about natural living, reincarnation and a session of chanting. Chanting is calming, it always is when you apply yourself.

30 KM

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