Sunday, 1 September 2013

Saturday, August 31st, 2013


Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

I’m 60 but I feel like I’m 20 these days. I got through a strong headwind today on the road and then a downpour came. I feel just about ready for anything. I take on the sun almost every day, I feel a certain strength.

Just to test my physical prowess, I challenged one of those straw bales commonly found on the side of the highway. They are cylindrical in shape with about 5 foot length in size lying sideways. I attempted to roll one which I succeeded in doing in 2003. This time I could budge and even roll it back and forth a trite, but not actually push and roll it forward. Oh well, I never claimed to be Superman or Hanuman for that matter. I’m not invincible but feeling physically well.

Just to make Daruka and I feel even better in spirit and in body someone by the name of Joy from the Assiniboia Times, a weekly, came for a few photos to put in her upcoming article. For our physical wellbeing she handed us a bag of ripe tomatoes from her garden, now that’s love. We have yet to see just how much more nutritionally set we will be after consuming those nutritionally rich love balls we call tomatoes.

Joy was great, she remembers the Hare Krishnas from the Beatles and hippie days. She had seen the Fab Four live in Seattle and Portland in her teens. Yes, the places were packed with screaming girls, and she admitted being one of them. There’s incredible strength demonstrated in the sound of a screaming damsel, and I mean no disrespect here.

Strength has many sources. Like tomatoes, herbs and greens provide much. For dinner, Daruka and I were invited to the home of a family in Assiniboia where we also settled for the night. Before walking up the steps to their house, I noticed their garden replete with veggies and herbs, one of which was fresh coriander, also known as cilantro. The green is a powerful mouth stimulator. It garnishes many food items so well. It’s supposed to be good for the eyes. Mouth watering, yummy.

I took it upon myself to ask our host if I could gather some for the meal, and they were totally cool with it. This green-wonder, with its potencies got sprinkled on all our delicious food which happened to be a grainless meal.

That strong meal, strong sleep, then strong walk. Where does strength come from? From God.

37 KM

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