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Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Until We Resume

Edmonton, Alberta

Yogendra, an active member of the Radha Govinda Cultural Centre, helped break the 0KMs/miles of yesterday.  It seems tragic when you don’t score in one day.  Realistically, the rest is necessary.

In the Rutherford region of Edmonton, a suburban trail did suffice.  It took us by surprise, but there it was, just as we were headed by vehicle to a known spot we stumbled upon a forested trail.  I’m grateful that urban planners include paths for people.  Our grand score was a whopping 3 KMs, sarcastic as it may sound.

Feet do make noise when they move. Creatures that reside on either side of the trail can hear steps and/or feel the vibes that we create.  In the course of this puny trek, I observed a haunting quiet.  It’s obvious we’ve entered the fall season and that means longer sleep for many living entities, and a deeper receding in to holes and crevices and the earth and the trees.  Mosquitos or bugs are now retired for a while, something I don’t necessarily lament over.  But, whatever the season, we humans manage to routinely blaze the same trail.  We are out and about.  I guess that you could say that we are the resilient bugs.

Sharada conducts a Krishna Sunday school in her own home.  Her husband, Srinivasan, is most supportive of the program.  Together they hosted a satsang, a spiritual gathering.  It was Daruka and I in this last night out together who shared with this group our reminiscences of our trekking adventures.  It was a sometimes crazy adventure that we had.  Kirtan calmly closed the session, as did a great veggie feast.  I rounded up the event with a reading from the book Bhagavatam, 1.11.26, it was a description of Bhagavan.

“His chest is the abode of the goddess of fortune.  His moonlight face is the drinking vessel for eyes which hanker after all that is beautiful.  His arms are the resting places for all the demigods, and His lotus feet are refuge of pure devotees who never talk or sing of anything not in relation to Him.”

Thanks, Daruka, for a fine journey with you and Billy.  Until we resume in the spring – Hare Krishna.

3 KM

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