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Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Soggy Saffron Noodle

Seven Persons, Alberta

The one really nice thing about sporadic temperamental torrential rainfall is that it doesn’t go on forever.  Somewhere along the way it ceases – hopefully.  As the hours rolled on, fighting to keep my umbrella from snatchy wet winds, you do wonder if conditions will let up.  It was an interesting 6 hours exposure.  I’m grateful to have experienced my wet dynamics training from the Ireland venture, just like I had a coaching for dry and dusty trekking in Israel.

Overall I was feeling less self pity than perhaps 10 years ago when going through this type of hurdle.  I believe I’m evolving slowly.

My route was from Dunmore on Township Road 120 West to then link up to Highway 3 towards the city of Lethbridge.  Skies indicated that every which way was taking on a deluge.  By the time I completed today’s stretch of walking I was like a soggy saffron noodle waiting in a telephone booth for Daruka to fetch me. I came out of it all mentally stronger than before, it was a blessing really.

I could tell that the interviewed recording with Steve on CJCY Rock radio station the day before came on the air during my treading through the water.  You could tell by the style of honking from the motorists.  Usually they’re either short beeps on the horn or a long extended happy one, which indicates ‘we are with you, we back what you’re doing’.

According to Daruka who listened to the broadcast, the entire interview was aired with Steve who remarked at the end, “But I wonder if the monk would walk in this weather?” meaning in the rainstorm.  Daruka phoned in and let Steve know that I was dropped off at 4:30 am and indeed I was walking in the rain.  Steve then went back on air and told his listeners that he had an update on the Walking Monk who was definitely out there on the highway in the rain.

Thanks, Steve, for making the public aware.

Once I had the chance to dry off and put on dry clothes, Daruka and I headed for the town, Maple Creek.  There we chatted with a rep from the local paper The Maple Creek times for an interview with Marcia Love.  Proceeding on we made it to Sasha’s second outlet for yoga.  It’s a new space, an old credit union bank newly renovated.  The vault is still there and we took full advantage of that space which has favourable acoustical quality.  The group from town came and had a beautiful experience with candles to light this dark space.  We chanted Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.  I believe Sasha was convinced that the name of the vault room will be the Om Home.  Formally much cash was kept in the vault amongst other valuables perhaps.  It looks like money was bumped for mantra.

In the main area of the old bank I relayed more of “Tales From Trails”.  We also went directions towards Vedic or yogic philosophy, customs and rituals. A question was raised about sensuality and what role it plays in traditional Vedic society.

Explanation given:  Generally sexual activity is intimate, private, personal, even sacred as per Krishna’s message in 7.11 of the Gita, “I am sex that is not contrary to dharma.”  In other words there are guidelines and there are controls.  Public display of kama (conjugal interest) is regulated.

I want to thank Brenda Feuerstein who knows Sanskrit and has been a great networker for us in the areas of Saskatchewan and Alberta.  She is a great devotee and is doing her share to raise humanity to a higher consciousness.

26 KM

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