Sunday, 8 September 2013

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Address The Fib

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

This was a rest day before embarking on a weekend flight to Toronto for a Chariot Festival in Scarborough. My marathon has not ended, I’ll be back on Highway 13 by Tuesday.

Relaxing it was, however, you do no favour to your feet by leaving them totally idle. They are on a roll, they want to move, so I treat them to the trails in a Saskatoon suburb at Jean Avant Pond. You follow a stream of water that feeds the man made pond and surrounding landscape. I am thankful that such places exist as pedestrians and runners are exclusive here. Even cyclists would find it hard to be accommodated here.

As a monk, swami, I have the other obligation to fulfill after putting aside what appears as recreational activity, walking. I oblige as a teacher in Bhakti Yoga in the home of Kasyap and Panchami, the couple who have spearheaded the Festival of Inspiration in Saskatoon for three consecutive years now. I had the pleasure to facilitate a 9 Devotions Workshop. A perfect numbered 2 dozen participants came to interact in this open hearted program.

Following in the footsteps of my guru and a chain of teachers with origins as far as can be imagined, the aim is to help persons in transitioning to a finer dimension. By the end of the session we are meant to be feeling lighter and our view on the world, brighter. The biggest block to any transformation of this type is simply the ego. The ego is steeped in the misconception that I am this body. This, of course, is the ultimate fib.

I am not this body, but I am spirit.

8 KM

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