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Wednesday, November 28th 2012

A Little Friend
Varadero, Cuba

Little 6 year old Kiran, seated in front of me had an on-going conversation with me in the bus.
"We're going to our hotel" he determindly said.
"Oh, so you own a hotel, do you?" I questioned him about his proprietorship.
"Yes, we are booked there."
"Well, if you own a hotel you don't have to book yourself, right." I teased, testing his logic. Kiran's parents didn't seem to mind. "We don't own anything. But I know someone who does."
"Who?" asked the curious boy. And then I told him. As we neared our destination at "Memories Resort" Kiran challenged me, "You can't make me laugh.". I took up the challenge.
'Yes I can. Knock, Knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Harry who?"
"Harry Krishna!"
"Harry Krishna? That doesn't make me laugh", he quipped with a smile.
"That's true. The joke's on you. Maybe God is laughing.".

Our tour guide was quizzing all the passengers, "What three memories will you most likely have of Cuba? Guess!"
"Cigars!" said one man.
'You're right. What else?"

No one could guess the rest , so she revealed the remaining two. Rum and coffee. That was a disappointment. It wasn't even funny. The bus pulled up to the exotic outcome of the hotel and the thirteen of us pilgrims from Toronto stepped out along with the rest of the passengers including Kiran and his sister, Mum and Dad. Kiran gave a farewell wave to me and so did the parents. I went through an inside toss about feeling for the day fulfilled versus unfulfilled.

I had made friends but hadn't met a quota of kilometres on foot. Only the inside of two airports from Canada to Cuba permitted room for my legs to sway on the granite floors. Sometimes I"ll meet maybe one person within 30 km walking. But here I met adorable Kiran after approximately 1 km walking for the day and sitting patiently at the rear seat of the bus. I hope he'll remember me, especially as an agent of Krishna.

1 KM

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