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Sunday, November 18th, 2012

I Hanker
Montreal, Quebec
Along with Dr. Pandith (spiritual name Jagannatha Misra) we went by a calmed water beach and then to the end of a pier. We then turned around and went back to his home just as the eastern sky was about to brag its hot pink colour. Jagannatha then drove me to Union Station to catch the 9:25 AM train for Montreal. Trains I can handle, if it can’t be on foot. What I mean to say is that I am a sucker for trains. Riding them is pleasant. Bus is a prison, an automobile is a drag. My preference is walk or take a train.
The landscape is a bit dull for lack of lushness and green. It’s winter coming on, yet it is country-ish and so you feel a kind of freedom. At one point I viewed thousands upon thousands of geese set upon a placid pond. They were the regular brown and black geese, but also an abundance of pure white ones.
I could also see trails and dirt roads running parallel to the rail tracks, but each one I saw over the 5 hours came to an abrupt end. This is irritating to me as I long for endless trails to explore in the future. I would also like to see for the benefit of others as well – the walkers, runners, and cyclist – the opportunity. I believe that people have a better chance to be spiritual in such a setting, going down a trail. When a trail appears to be an endless ribbon, then you have ample time at which to dream, to contemplate, to meditate, to chant.
That’s what I hanker for, not just for myself but for others to explore the glory of pilgrimage. It would be so nice. When I reached Montreal and the AICK (Association Internationelle Pour le Conscience de Krishna) I was asked to lead a chant and speak to the crowd of enthusiastic bhaktas (devotees). That was nice.
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