Friday, 16 November 2012

Thursday, November 5th, 2012

Thunder Bay, Ontario
Two deer, a doe and a buck, were as curious of me as I was of them. I was trekking along Ford Rope Street when the lovely couple at predawn made their appearance from the trees. I got closer to them and the couple surprisingly stood their ground until it was too close for them. First, she dashed off, then he, into the forest.
And what about trees? I came upon one, a birch. The surface has a gloss to it which is interrupted in spots with a crusty roughness. I felt a little like a kid exploring. I ran my hand over its bark with my eyes closed. It was a texture test. It felt good. I approached the next tree, not a birch, but some other deciduous tree. Here it felt raspy and rough. On I went to play this little exploration game. Yes, it felt good. I got into that tree hugging mode, running the hand over an assortment of these natural giants, but just for a short time. Out of it, I developed an enhanced appreciation for these fellows. Feeling is believing.
The bulk of today engaged me in spending time at the new Vedic cultural centre, doing some writing and reading from the Gita, chapter 10. As a teacher of bhakti, devotion, one should religiously familiarize oneself with shastra, sacred texts. This is another way of feeling or perceiving.
“Of all trees, I am the banyan tree… Among men, I am the monarch… Of weapons, I am the thunderbolt…Among subduers I am time… Among beasts I am the lion… Of all sciences I am spiritual science itself.”
The finale of the day was a welcome to those who are eager to hear from the Gita, chapter one, text one. Students from the University came by to listen to the beginning of the dialogue that changes hearts. They were there to perceive something different.
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