Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

At Green Cay
West Palm, Miami, Florida
At Green Cay Village, Jagat Vira and I took ‘goom-goom’trek around the lake. On either ends of this lake there is posted a sign,“Alligators may be present”. But Jagat and I got more intrigued viewing the birds sporting about. We couldn’t spot any reptiles. There came a crane and another type of  feathered creature, we couldn’t make it out. Then but 6 feet above us on an angle came a hawk that caught our fascination. He dove into the water and with the greatest of ease scooped up his breakfast. The super surprised fish that took his first flight, and probably his last.
Personally, I really like this lake, it takes about 7 – 8 minutes to cover the circumference, which is the same time it takes, interestingly enough the time it takes to do one revolution of the sound of beads for chanting the mantra.
Jagat and I left the lake for Interstate 95 for Miami where we indulged in a tasty meal more relishable than a fresh fish. Thank God I’ve left loathsome food behind me. 40 years ago it took some monks to tell me I don’t need the likes of birds, fish, mammals or reptiles for food. I could be relived and take to karma free communion, prasadam, to be precise. I delighted in some asparagus for the second round of prasadam. Asparagus is a favourite of mine.
You know, God is always kind to me. Not only does he send me the best veggies, but people also. Staying at Miami ISKCON is a young Puerto Rican by the name of Christian, age 26. He’s another young guy I could surely use in the upcoming drama productions. I suddenly realized that I’m a hunter, not of beast but of man. Casting people for a play is a passion for me as much as walking and chanting is, all in His service.
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