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Monday, November 19th, 2012

Firm and Free
Montreal, Quebec
Raul and I took to the residential streets at Montreal’s downtown east end for a japa walk. He admitted to me that chanting japa has been a struggle for him. “Just to sit down quietly to chant” was tough, he told me. When he heard about going pilgrim style, that is moving and praying at the same time, then he could identify with the practice.
Raul is from Peru and graduated from Concordia University with theatre arts as his major. Recently he received a kidney transplant, so he went through an interesting life experience. It just so happens that spirituality comes across as important at this stage in his life. Since the spirit is within, somehow or other we all have an innate desire to go deeper into life. It is natural. It is no wonder that those who suppress a calling to God are experiencing a ‘missing link’. To those who are pondering why they are undergoing some form of loneliness, vacuum and lack of fulfillment, then may it be suggested that they take the trail down the metaphysical path.
Raul and I and a few others looked at the verse 18.73 from the Gita where you find a most reassuring statement coming from Arjuna. This great warrior friend of Krishna, after having tread the path of learning, of going inward, and kindling the flame of devotion, a confidence was restored in him. From confusion Arjuna journeyed to clarity and then to confidence. Some of the phrases used in this passage which amplifies Arjuna’s position of confidence and firmness are ‘free from doubt’ and being ‘prepared to act’.
As expressed in the purport of the verse, when there’s a release from illusion and one steps into reality, that brings about ‘the understanding that every living being is eternally a servitor’. As soon as we admit our actual status in this world, that we are a helper, a server in this world, then much reassurance can be realized.
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